Human Rights Talks

Covid-19 and Future of Internet Governance

January 20, 2021

Join this digital townhall to learn about COVID-19 disinformation and the future of internet governance and content moderation.

  • Tina Purnat, World Health Organization
  • Fenwick McKelvey, Concordia University
  • Elizabeth Dubois, University of Ottawa
  • Rory Smith, First Draft News
  • Philippe-Andre Rodriguez, Global Affairs Canada

The Canadian Coalition to Counter COVID Digital Disinformation is a project organized by the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage's Digital Citizens Initiative. The team is working to enhance Canadian citizens' digital literacy and resiliency as they come in contact with misinformation and disinformation relating to COVID-19.

As part of this work, a series of digital townhalls will be held on issues like foreign interference, conspiracy theories and fake news. Stay tuned for more events hosted on these topics.

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